How to buy and finance my all-electric vehicle?

Complete truck
(truck + batteries)
Buying With or without a RTFS financing
Financial Lease You can own the truck at the end of the contract
Operating Lease You give back the truck at the end of the contract


To enable its customers to achieve their energy transition with ease, Renault Trucks Financial Services is offering a range of financing options for the purchase of electric trucks.

The finance solutions can vary from one country to another depending on local specificities and regulations. However, there are mainly three offers available according to the customer’s specific needs and use:

  • Standard Instalment credit: the customer owns the electric truck at the end of the contract period.
  • Financial leases: the customer decides to lease their electric vehicle and, at the end of the contract period, can choose to return the vehicle or purchase it in exchange for payment of its residual value. Leasing can be combined with state subsidies or tax breaks, such as additional depreciation.
  • Operational leases: The customer opts to lease their electric vehicle, and just return it at the end of the contract period.

The cost of an electric vehicle needs to be studied as a whole, in that it is the total ownership cost rather than the purchase cost that needs to be considered. It is highly economical to operate: it requires few maintenance operations and fuel consumption costs are very low.