What is CNG ?

Natural gas is methane, a well-known gas widely used in domestic applications such as home heating or cooking.
It can be provided in two different ways:


-       From underground extraction: “fossil gas”


-       From transformation of domestic waste & green waste : “biogas”, a renewable energy , supported by a fast growing industry.


CNG (COMPRESSED NATURAL GAS) is compressed at high pressure (200 bars) and ambient temperature, it can be easily transported.


This is Renault Trucks’ answer to your distribution needs.





Total cost of Ownership

Natural gas is cheaper than diesel and does not require AdBlue. Therefore the energy costs can be reduced to up to -18% (NGVA study).


Flexible operating with no particulate filter, AdBlue or regeneration.




charge and range

CO2 emissions reduced down to -70%* with biogas, a renewable and available energy.


In “fast-fill” stations, refuelling can take just a few minutes, similar to diesel refuelling. It is completely safe thanks to connectors compatible with NGV1 and NGV2 standards.






range : Up to 800km

Four gas tanks variants, up to 240 kg allow an operating range of up to 800 km.






*from well to wheel, compared to a diesel vehicle.